FireworksIn Hawaii we celebrate the New Year with fire works. Doing so requires a permit and arial fireworks are only permitted if you are a professional rocketeer. Hotels and Communities throughout the State sponsor beautiful airial fireworks displays. Unfortuately, my of our local people still want to celebrate the old tradition with their personal fireworks displays.  The Honolulu Police Department responds to hundreds of reports of airial fireworks being used ilegaly.

 The problem is most of those calls are not specific enough for the police to take action. When you report a violation give a specific location. You can report a violation ananomouly, but it reallly helps the police to have a contact person.

Give as detailed information as possible. Give a specific address if you have it and give a discription of who, what, when and how a violation is happening. “Rockets and bombs are being fired by a large man and his children. The man ignites his fire works from the middle of the street. He is wearing a red T-Shirt and bluegenes. His fireworks are stored in the bed of his pickup license number HNL123.”

The more information you can provide the better the chance of an effective prosecution. Police can only issue a citation if they observe the illegal activity.

The police need your help. Every year, people are injured and fires are started by illegal fireworsks. Do your fireworks celebrations legally and carefully. Keep you kids safe and have a glorious New Year.