Please Keep Contacting OUR Politicians & Media so we can get the Homeless Services and Outreach Social Workers we need !

This is important because Federal Funding is dependent on an accurate count.

fyi: Last year, the Friday before the annual HUD Homeless Count Data was released, Jen Stasch, the former head of Partner-in-Care Oahu resigned !!!! This year’s head now abruptly resigns !! …. (Last year, Jen had been trying to help us get a more accurate count in Kaneohe, Kahalu’u & coastal Ko’olau Loa to Turtle Bay, where Homelessness had been rapidly growing, but we Services and need more Outreach Social Workers ! )
Our rural area’s Houseless is very different than Town-side:
* Majority Hawaiian 
*Working Local People & Families: quiet working local Houseless in tents, vehicles and on couches.
** Rapidly growth of AirBnbs/Illegal Vacation Rentals up our Coasts and rents skyrocketing, we had Along our Northeast Coast, Home after Home are now Mini-Motel after Mini-Motel all up the coast to the North Shore ! 
* More Local Elderly on fixed incomes- I counted
* Vets with PTSD who need the quiet of the Country
*Homeless pushed out from the Mayor’s Sweeps Town-side

This year, 2019, the number of days Volunteers could Count was limited. Training was Limited. Volunteers not encouraged in some areas. …Had repeatedly raised these concerns in last several months, that if Oahu changes the parameters of the Data Collection, then Data is less accurate and NOT comparable to previous years ! ..