From Mo Radke, Chair, Kaneohe Neighborhood Board

I went to the complete streets community meeting at Windward Mall today.  I had concerns about road widenings and other bike and development-related concerns.  Here’s what I learned.


There is a walkabout on Tuesday at 2 – 4 pm at the Kāne‘ohe Community Park  (for map click here) I thought that 2 hours is a long time to be walking around and to stay standing but the time is to account for gathering, a short walk, some observations of Kamehameha Highway and return.


Following the walkabout there will be a community meeting at Windward Community College.  This meeting is not the typical – we-sit,-they-talk meeting.  I am very pleased to relay that this will be more of a design-thinking charrette and will ask for participant brainstorming and small group interaction to help inform and advise any future “complete streets” projects.  I’m very pleased that this is the method to discuss improvements.


The design map is focused on Kāne‘ohe town but extends Kam Hwy through He‘eia to Hygienic store and a section of Kāne‘ohe Bay Drive. Please see the attached map for locations and times.


Sunshine Law ALLOWS board member attendance and participation in this type of event.  We’ll just need to report out our activities at the next meeting.