Month: August 2018

Huuicane Lane – ETA Oahu Late PM 8/22/18

Hawaii Island and Maui are in a Hurricane Watch which means to prepare now.  Anticipate Oahu to go into a Hurricane Watch possibly later today, so encourage everyone to lower your risks of flying debris by cleaning outside your homes – secure loose objects, bring in hanging plants, outdoor furniture, etc.  Clean rain gutters too.   If you live in a flood prone area, ridge area, coastal area or your home me was built before 1995, tune into local news to see which hurricane shelters will be opened and evacuate to that shelter with your emergency supplies for you and each Member of your family and pets.  Remember-recommend at least 7 gallons of water per person for drinking only and 14 days of food (1200 calories / day for women and 1500 calories / day for men).  Check out for helpful guidance or your local Civil Defense or Emergency Management Agency for your island.   If you do not live in a flood prone, coastal, ridge area and your home was built after 1995, consider sheltering in place in a middle room such as a interior bathroom/closet that has no windows or minimum window.  You want to put as many walls between you and that hurricane force wind.  Bring your supplies especially an AM/FM radio to ensure you know when it’s safe to come out.  Keep everything shut...

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Hector is coming

Hector is currently a Category 4 hurricane with sustained winds of 155mph. 157 is a Category 5. Hector is expected to pass south of the big island on Wednesday and impact the rest of the Hawaiian Island Chain over the rest of the week. We can expect heavy rain and possible flooding. Be prepared to take shelter if you live in flood prone areas. Take supplies for 2 days. Get your go-kit ready now. Tentatively the Red Cross will open a shelter at the Kaneohe District Park. Stay tuned for updates. Follow Hector’s visit...

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